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Building Façade Cleaning Services

From the tallest of skyscrapers, to the corner office and the downtown warehouse district, the stressors of sunlight, changing weather, water, building movement and settlement can break down and deteriorate building facades creating comfort, safety and maintenance issues that can quickly add to the cost of property ownership.

Common Building Façade Cleaning Services Methods

Professional cleaners use the following methods to clean and maintain building facades:

Water Soaking

  • Dirt is loosened and washed away with a steady stream of water. Then, it is scrubbed with a brush or rinsed with 400 psi water. This method is often used for lime stone glaze bricks.

Pressure Washing

  • Dirt is washed away with pressurized water one inch at a time. This method is ideal for masonry, as well as stone and concrete facades. It effectively removes organic and atmospheric staining.

Chemical Cleaning

  • Stains are dissolved using chemical products, such as acidic cleaners, organic solvents, alkaline cleaners, and non-sudsing detergents. Once the stains are dissolved, they are rinsed away.

Abrasive Cleaning

  • The outer areas of substrates that are stained are completely removed. This method is ideal for masonry as well as concrete and stone facades.

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